TRE® Process Coaching

Alive and Free with TRE®

When you understand and acknowledge your body's need to pulsate and vibrate to release physical tension, you enter into a meditative state of observing and presence. As you allow your body to express motion without mind-interference you sharpen your sense of wonder and respect for all the subtle goings-on that are the basis of your aliveness. Re-experience emotions as physical sensations without being swept up and carried away. You will discover that you once were deeply in love with your body and begin to long for the inner peace that comes with inhabiting it. 


TRE® Process Coaching

As in every relationship, you need a way to find out if what I offer is for you. Here are some statements about myself that might help you to decide.

I have a PASSION for the FUTURE and I know how to make a plan and follow up. I do not dismiss the past but put it into CONTEXT in the present. I am good at thinking oUt oF tHe bOx. I do the birds view better than the details  - and I am very good at spotting patterns. 

All I know and do is based on life experience - the actual doing and living of life itself. I do not dismiss theory but I am an experiential learner and have chosen this path in a conscious and radical way. 

I am a woman, mother and grandmother, an artist, a writer, a muse, partner and friend. I was an anxious and shy child, a rebellious and bold teenager, a multitasking mother and businesswoman and have arrived at being myself. I really enjoy it.

TRE® has made the difference: 'Grounding' and 'Presence' were nothing but words for me - and I used them often -  until TRE® brought me back into my body and re-wrote my script. 

I did Mediation, Yoga and Mindfulness with immediate but not much lasting results. I bought my first Yoga book in 1973 and must have done close to 30 different versions of Meditation over the years.  All this time I was

1) anxious

2) competitive

3) prone to spacing out into daydreams without any awareness of my body or my actual surroundings.

As a result I

1) never connected easily to people

2) disliked group work

3) had difficulty to reflect and recall 

But I enjoyed to 

1) ride my motorbike at speed

2) drive a 4x4 cross country

3) stir up drama for the fun of excitement

4) be at home by myself, hardly ever feeling lonely or bored 

I was married to the same man for more than 30 years - he passed away 11 years ago  - and I am eternally grateful for the rollercoaster, adventurous, deep and fulfilling relationship we had. You bet I learned a few things along the way. 

I raised 5 children - two who came from my womb and three who crossed our path and needed parents and a home. You bet I learned a few things along the way. 

During my marriage we started and grew a business, navigated changes, earned money, spent it, earned more and finally sold the company after 25 years. You bet I learned a few things along the way. 

I am born in Germany, well traveled and live in South Africa since 1996. I have no intention to leave - Africa has become my home - and in some way the African way and culture has healed me - or filled a void - or reminded me on something I knew before and had forgotten. 

I know about grief and loss, about relationships and parenthood, love and loyalty. The mixed bag of family relations, the generational patterns of trauma and the knowledge available to us when we are no longer afraid. 

I offer myself and what I know and learned to help you to heal, renew and integrate your unique life experience. 







Mind to Body: 

Who are you ? 

What are you up to ? 

Can we live together ? 

Body to Mind: 

Do you have eyes to see me ? 

Do you have ears to hear me ? 

Where are you ? ​

Su Thomas

Street Dancer

I teach TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise) under license from TRE® for All Inc (David Berceli PhD).  All rights belong to TRE® for All Inc. Visit their website