TRE® Personal Session 

Experience TRE® one on one

Whether you are new to TRE®, have some experience or tremor for a while, I will guide you to get the best results out of your practice.  

Self-regulation, best practice, self-interventions, use of props, variations of the exercises, developing confidence, understanding the connection between sensations and emotions, embodiment practices to add to TRE® - or simply learn how to shake ! 

You need wifi, a laptop/phone/ tablet with mic and video and be in a convenient room undisturbed. Regular Session time of 1h may be extended to 1:15h included in the fee. 

Give yourself the gift of deep relaxation, have a new and exciting experience with TRE®and have your questions answered.

Fees : 70 USD / 60 EURO / ZAR 750