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Collaborative training online is the future. We are glad to offer this possibility and re looking forward to meet you !

Su & Anya  


TRE® Provider Training  ONLINE

Attendance limited to 10 people - In-person practice teaching encouraged whenever possible - supervision throughout - peer sessions and monthly group sessions included

Download PDF file including schedule, fees in ZAR/EUR/USD and NIS and comprehensive info below.


Three Modules of 2 day Workshops (roughly three months apart)  plus practice time after Module 3 to certification. Certification depends on completion of the 3 Modules plus practice and supervision, minimum 9 months.

Module 1 = TRE® Personal Process (Introduction to TRE® - Tremors - Neurology and Physiology of Trauma and Stress - Survival Responses - Containment and Self Regulation and 4 TRE® Sessions) followed by personal practice, journaling and 4 h one on one on zoom (1h each) plus (voluntary) bi-weekly group meetings of 2h. 

Module 2 = Teaching TRE® one one one (The Autonomic Nervous System - Fascia - Polyvagal Theory - TRE® Facilitation Self- Interventions - Follow The Body - 4 TRE Sessions in which trainees facilitate each other, receive feedback and expand their own TRE practice with interventions and modifications) followed by teaching under supervision, case studies and bi-weekly group meetings of 2h. 

Module 3 = TRE® Group facilitation (Transference / Countertransference - Fascia and Myofascial Release - TRE group leading -  Community TRE® & cultural/gender/religious diversity - approaches - Resilience - Grounding - Salience Network - 4 TRE® Sessions in which the trainees are taking turns in leading a group of volunteers online) followed by practice group leading and case studies under supervision and bi-weekly group meetings of 2h. 

The next Training Course starts in October 2021



Wednesday October 6th 

15:30 - 18:30 UK (GMT+1)

16:30 - 19:30 South Africa (GMT+2) 

17:30  - 20:30 Israel  (GMT+3) 

Thursday October 7th

7:30 - 15:30  UK (GMT+1)

8:30 - 16:30  South Africa (GMT+2)

9:30 - 17:30 Israel (GMT+3)

3h session - 2h lunchbreak - 3h session 

Friday October 8th 

7:30  - 10:30 UK (GMT+1)

8:30  - 11:30 South Africa (GMT+2) 

9:30 - 12:30 Israel (GMT+3) 


Wednesday 8th December (3h evening) 

Thursday 9th December (2x 3h morning and afternoon)

Friday 10th December (3h morning) 


Wednesday 23th February 2022 (3h evening) 

Thursday 24th February 2022 (2 x 3h morning and afternoon) 

Friday 25th February 2022 (3h morning) 

TIME ON ALL BI-WEEKLY MEETINGS until 31 October 2021 

16:30 (GMT+1) UK


18:30 (GMT+3) ISRAEL 

TIME ON ALL MEETINGS from 31 October 2021 to 27 March 2022 

16:00 (GMT) UK 

18:00 (GMT+2) South Africa, Israel 

For more detailed information and fees please download the PDF from the menu above. 

For registration or to contact me on WhatsApp or email please use the links below 

Go to the registration form here : Online Registration TRE International Training 


What those who trained with Anya and Su (TRE International Training) say

Nikki Foreman

I attended the training with Su and Anya to certify as a TRE® provider. Together they provided a formidable team balancing their respective and distinctive energies, wisdom and teachings that brought  richness to my TRE® training.

I learned so much from them especially through the online forum that Covid-19 has necessitated. I felt supported, nourished and deeply inspired to continue to bring this incredible work to more people. I highly recommend doing this training with Su and Anya.

Nikki Foreman


What those who certified with Su in Durban say


Training with you had been such an obvious life changing journey, in the beginning I was wary of the kind way you treated me and only later begun to understand it as absolute openness, unjudgemental and completely nurturing warmth. It was a new experience I had never received from a stranger and it truly helped me to engage with myself and with TRE® in an incredibly positive way that I aim to bring to others. I sincerely hope that hoards more people will train with you and experience the course in the way you taught it. Thank you !

Li Thomas


I was pretty amazed at the profound ways in which people express what the TRE process does for them.  The range of responses is an eye opener as it is an unlimited expression of mind body and soul giving one an insight into the way in which one perceives oneself and the external world and as a practitioner, it is humbling when it opens a window for you to glimpse at how another human being perceives themselves and their external world. Thank you Su for your gentle and wise guidance, I am grateful for the experience and look forward to teaching TRE® to many more people.

Ruwaida Vadachia


Learning TRE and tremoring has been the most awesome experience.  I have learnt so much about myself and have grown as a person.  I feel that TRE is a modality that allows a person the opportunity to evolve from a tightly bound cocoon, healing the self and slowly releasing muscles and emotions to finally express the authentic self of a beautiful butterfly.
My tremoring journey continues and my body is ever changing and evolving.  I’m so grateful to have encountered TRE and my decision to join the course especially as I knew very little about TRE at the time except for the fact that it just felt right for me.

Lisa Wimble