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I think I can learn and use TRE® on my own

Sure you can - let's see how far you travel on this journey.

Without a mirror (of sorts) we would not know what we look like. Without watching other people we would not be able to learn essential skills. Remember, no one is born knowing how to walk, climb or eat with a spoon.

We all pick up pattens of reacting to our environment and other people. A lot - A LOT of these are unconscious - unless they get in the way of our functioning in everyday life. And if they do, well, we tend to make them our own, our own weaknesses and glitches become part of our sense of 'who we are'.

We all need to forgive ourselves - and others - for integrating our faults into our character and individuality, what else can we do ? If we cannot change them, however hard we try, they must be hardwired, right ?

There are stages of acceptance though. The first stage is awareness, the second is a frantic search for a culprit or a cause. The third is finding a culprit or a cause. I know. It was my father, my mother, my upbringing, the school, this teacher, my Ex-partner, my boss. This stage is an important one, although it is not the end of awareness. Staying there means feeling powerless and resentment leads to disconnection, not only from certain people or situations but from the flow of life which is inherently unpredictable.

The fourth stage can be described as a broadening of perspective. It happens if we have lived long enough to look back and see that there are some things that seem to follow us around. The same situations happening again and again, despite the awareness and no matter how hard we try to avoid them. The realisation dawns on us that there's something within US that attracts or repels people and circumstances. Now what ?

This is where it begins to be interesting and fruitful to explore your own patterns.

This is where a skill like TRE® comes handy. To be sure, there are many others and helpful ones too. There are myriads that help temporarily, some of them healthy, some not so much.


Experiencing the body shaking by itself is - for most people - a novelty, at least something interesting. You may

1) doubt that the body does it 'on its own' and look for a way to direct and control it straight away

2) agonise about 'why' this or that happens and what it means

3) be anxious it might become too intense to contain it

4) throw yourself into the shakes without a second thought and never stop shaking all day ( and night)

5) struggle to find out how much is too much

6) interpret your tremors along the lines of past experience

7) become impatient if 'they' are not doing what you like them to do - and fast

8) feel sensitive and vulnerable after the sessions

9) have more dream activity and resent it

10) feel tired and heavy or nauseous and spaced out after a session

11) stay on the surface of tremors and set the practice aside after a few tries

12) ask others who use TRE about their experience to validate your own


The way you go about TRE® is the way you always and habitually go about learning something new. And depending on your previous experience of 'shaking', the context of it, the sensations you felt etc. you may relate to it in an emotional way.

As long as you are alone with your shakes, you tend to perpetuate your own patterns. I don't say this lightly, I certainly don't say you should do better or different, it is as it is. For everyone, including myself. I would have never come to place of awareness and change of my own conditioned responses without a trained TRE® Provider guiding me along.


To get the benefit of TRE® you need to learn how to self-regulate the tremors. The intensity, variety, time spent in a session and integration etc. This is challenging without help, because we have these minds that want results, explanations, reasons and causes and they just dont want to be quiet and listen. In this case, listen to your own body in a non-judgemental, curious and open way. Just listen and paying attention to what is actually happening.

This is difficult, dear readers.

It is more difficult than you may expect.

Because we are not conditioned to just be attentive to things like : legs are flapping and now my hips are rotating a bit, and I feel warmth crawling up my spine...and now my hands are quite cold, actually where are my hands? And my neck is so stiff and somehow my eyes want to close even if I try to keep them open...and what was the noise I heard just now?

The mind seems absent at times, you may feel like floating in and out of the room. It may be difficult to actually pick up sensations from the body and find yourself looking at your legs to make sure they are REALLY moving.

All this and more.


And whatever we do habitually, especially on our own, may lead into using old patterns and getting stuck there. No progress, no more novelty, always the same, no more curiosity and boredom. Our body may also repeat certain patterns over and over again with no end in sight.


The work of a TRE® Provider is not to teach you the exercises 'properly' or to tell you how often you should tremor or how long your sessions should be. He or she does not know how your body takes to the shakes before they see you tremoring nor can they interpret your tremors for you.

Yes, we have to compromise in giving advice to people seeking help without seeing them tremor, of course. We do it as good as possible for those who cannot work with a Provider but one thing is for sure: Whenever we tell you 'please work with a Provider' it's got nothing to do with giving each other business or doubting your capacities. It is a knowing borne out of our own experience, how difficult it is to become aware of and change unconscious conditioning on the level of our physical body without co - regulation.


When I smile, you are invited to smile. When I am calm, you are invited to feed on my calmness. You have experienced countless seconds of successful co-regulation, from the time you were born. You have also experienced times of disconnection from others, where you felt essentially alone DESPITE someone or many people being around. This is different than ACTUALLY being alone, as you all know.

We as Providers for TRE® have all had extensive experience of leaning into and going deep into the tremoring process, alone and together with others. We have learned to recognise patterns in the way the tremors express in the body, how to regulate them and how to keep our clients grounded and present to the experience. By being grounded and present with them, as it happens.

ONE session with a Provider can give you a lightbulb moment of recognition that changes your practice, makes it easier for you to move forward on your journey and gives you confidence.

SEVERAL sessions with a Provider can deepen your practice to the point of real awareness of your patterns and acceptance of your bodies way to use the tremors, both are important for a successful journey with TRE®

TRE® GROUP sessions can show you how different TRE® expresses in individual people and how unhelpful it is to compare and compete. Group sessions also regularly inspire participants to try something new and do something different to self-regulate.

Whether you do one-on-one or group sessions, you will gain from it.

(I will not avoid mentioning that not every Provider is the right person for every client. It cannot be, because everyone has different needs, expectations and skills. There is the phenomenon of transference and counter-transference between people, especially in a therapeutic setting. If you do not feel comfortable with the Provider you are with, speak to him/her about it, even if it is just a gut feeling. If you rather like to work with someone who has special skills, medical, psychological or energetical, please say so. We are used to refer clients with special needs to each other and work together for your good.)

I love to teach TRE®

I am good at it

If you think I am the right person to guide you or if you like to join one of my groups, contact me

Thank you

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