How often should I do TRE® ?

This question arises for everyone who has started with TRE®. For a beginner, we often say that twice or three times a week is a good measure. It is true that most people fare well with that. But not everyone - and no one can tell you for sure. I will explain why:


Or ride a bike? I am sure you learned how to stand and walk but chances are that you don't remember :-). Well, you learn how to use TRE® in the same way as you learned to swim - by doing it. You are slowly getting used to the sensation of tremoring, testing the water. The ground under your feet is your stop and go routine, your surroundings in which you feel safe and comfortable and - your mind. Your body wants to release, it wants to use the tremors to unwind and it knows how to, but you

need to be sure that you can stop the session at any time
need to feel safe and comfortable
need to stay present in your mind