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Can I do TRE® safely on my own ?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

That's a question I have been asked often - and it needs a meaningful answer. I have taught TRE® to many people and use tremoring for myself for more than 8 years. I started 'on my own' and some people I taught had also picked up TRE® from the book, the DVD, were introduced by a friend or family member or attended a TRE® introduction or one-off workshop.

I can safely say that there are indeed pointers toward a 'yes you can' or 'no rather not' and I will share them with you :


Does it sound ridiculous ? Dangerous? Interesting ? Why not? Cool ? Always wanted to do that ? Can't imagine I will feel safe with that ? Will be a great new experience ?

Do you remember any instances of spontaneous shaking ? Did you ever see other people tremble ? In which context did that happen ? How did it occur to you ?

If you can say:

"Yes, I understand that there is a kind of shaking that kicks in when people are overwhelmed and the shaking is a way to RELEASE the physical and emotional charge and calm down." -

you have done the first step toward safety in TRE®.


Do you like your body ? Care for your body ?

Are you grateful for your body ?

Do you like some parts of your body and reject other parts ?

Do you think of the outside of your body more than about the inside ?

Do you know what's going on inside ?

Are you interested in how your body works ?

Do you enjoy living in your body ?

Do you hate your body ?

Do you generally know what your body wants and needs ?

Do you listen ? Do you try to give your body what it asks for ?

Do you trust your guts ?

Do you rely on your intuition ?

If you could choose, would you rather like to feel more ? Less ?

Are you numbing your body with recreational, illegal or prescription drugs ?

Are you enhancing your energy and feelings with recreational, illegal or prescription drugs ?

Do you like touch ?

Do you enjoy touching yourself ?(any kind of touch!)

Do you enjoy being touched ? (not just sexual, any kind of touch)

Do you feel pleasure often ? Easily? Seldom ? Never ?

What's your pain tolerance ? Low ? High ?

Have you ever experienced both - a fight and a flight impulse clashing in such a way that you felt unable to do either ? Like a stall, a blue screen, a frozen frame ? Have you felt immobilised ? Stiff and unable to move at all ?

Try to remember your childhood scares - innocent scares like getting lost in a crowd, being scared of a dog, jumping from a hight, diving into water - as well as moments of emotional or physical abuse or sudden pain from accidents and injuries.

What was your first reaction ? The second ? How did it resolve ? What or who calmed you down ?


Your Mother or Father ? A brother or sister ? Another human being you trusted ?

Being among people in general ? Hearing the voices of people you know ?

Hearing familiar sounds around your home?

Did you calm down with comfort food to eat ?

Did you feel safe in your home ? In your own room ? In your bed ?

Did you feel safer when being just by yourself with no one around ?

Did you go outside into nature to feel safe ?

Did you have an invisible friend who listened to you ?

A pet ? Animals in general ?

Even the best parents cannot always be available for a child growing up - so everyone has to find ways of creating safety for themselves.

What did you find worked for you ?

Does it still work ?

Are you still using - or trying to use - your earliest 'tools' for safety ?

Have you left them behind and found new ones ?

Better ones ?

Lots of questions
You are the only one to know the answer.

Be as truthful as possible - no one is listening, no one will know, this is just a self enquiry. Do not overthink your answers - spontaneous is best. Follow the emotions that came up when reading through the questions - answer intuitively, don't judge and DONT ASK WHY !

The WHY is irrelevant now, the WHY is a distraction, believe me. ASKING WHY is a tool of RESISTANCE and leads to FRUSTRATION - the WHY will be revealed to you when you are no longer looking for it....

Write down an answer to the questions - one sentence or two, quick and spontaneous :

1) I find the thought of laying on my back while my body is shaking


2) My relationship to my body is


3) When I was a child I found safety _________________________________________


and now that I am grown up I feel most safe ___________________________________


THAT's it, thank you !

And now you want to know what all this means and what - FOR YOU - the best way of learning TRE@ is.

If you understand that shaking is a way of releasing physical tension

If you feel at home in your body

If you enjoy being 'with yourself' and have a living space (a room is enough) in which you feel cosy and comfortable

Go ahead and do the exercises, tremor for 15 minutes maximum at a time and every second day only. After 10 to 15 sessions you will know more, be more confident and make the right decisions about how often, how long the sessions and also know when not to do TRE®.


If you are intrigued by the concept of shaking but apprehensive

If you would like to love and care for your body but don't know how or

worry a lot about your outer appearance or your physical health

If you find your emotional life confusing

If you are reasonably fine being on your own and have ideas how to create or find a space for yourself where you feel comfortable and safe.

1) Get more information on TRE® before you embark on tremoring on your own.

2) Communicate with your body - yes I am serious ! Ask questions and listen to the answers.

Touch yourself ! Give your feet a rub, stroke your tummy, massage your arms and hands.

3) Create the cosy space for yourself first, before you actually tremor. Test it, use it, invite your best friend, your cat or dog, put music on or light some candles - whatever you come up with is good and right, it must suit your needs.

Then do the exercises and lie down to evoke tremors. Stop and go - even if you enjoy the shakes, stop after 5 minutes and put your feet out straight, stretch your legs and arms and lie still - do you still feel any tremors ? Go back into the butterfly position with legs open and start again. Is it easy to get your legs to shake again ?

Stop the session after 2 x 5 minutes maximum and rest, laying on your side

Do not do more TRE® for 48 hours - two days - then do another 2 x 5 minutes.

Stop the session if you

1) feel any physical discomfort or pain

2) did space out - meaning you temporary lost track of time and contact to your body and environment and realise it when 'coming back'

3) feel emotions that you are scared of or find difficult to tolerate or contain

Go slowly with TRE®.

Don't lie on wait for any immediate results or revelations - chances are that you will get what you are expecting - one way or the other !

Go slow but be consistent with TRE®. If the mind goes crazy wanting to know 'what' and 'why' and 'how' - take control of your thoughts. Distract yourself from ruminating by doing simple things that you enjoy. Work with your hands, take a walk, breathe deeply, sing a song, dance, talk to a friend, cuddle your cat :-)


If you are concerned or scared about the idea of shaking

If you have painful memories attached to the experience of shaking or remember instances of fight/ flight that did not succeed in getting you out of danger.

If you have memories of being immobilised and feeling helpless/cold/stiff

If you know that you tend to space out under stress


If you dread being alone.

If you fee safer with someone special or

with people being around

If you dislike your body or parts of it

If you dread strong emotions or

Like to drown in them


If you don't have a room/space in which you feel safe and comfortable and/or find it difficult to create one or find one

Please seek a TRE® Provider to teach you. If there is no one around where you live, go on Skype or Zoom with an experienced Provider.


I have not mentioned any diagnosis as being a hindrance to TRE®. Sometimes it is not really the diagnosis that is hindering you it is what you think of yourself and your abilities.

BUT if you are under psychiatric care, take psychoactive medication and/ or suffer from developmental trauma or complex PTSD, you need to work one on one with a competent TRE® Provider.

If you are pregnant, don't take up TRE® before your child is born.

If you suffer from Epilepsy, work with an experienced provider one on one

If you recently had to undergo an operation, wait until your doctor tells you that you can do Yoga/ Pilates and similar bodywork, are pain free and do your normal everyday chores before you start TRE®

I trust that you seek advice from professionals for any questions you may have in connection to physical or mental ailments before and while you are embarking on TRE®. Preferably those who know you but there are also TRE® Trainers and Providers who have additional qualifications re. physical and mental health.

Disclaimer :

You will understand that all of what I offer here is borne out of personal experience and reason. I am neither a psychic nor a medical professional or a psychologist / psychiatrist. I teach TRE® under the premise of empowerment, meaning that I trust YOU to know yourself and take responsibility for your life and actions. I cannot and will not take responsibility for anything that may arise for you while following my advice. It is given in good faith and has been tested in interaction with clients and trainees.

I recommend the following resources on information on TRE® as being overseen and endorsed by TRE for All inc David Berceli:

David Berceli You Tube Channel

Traumaprevention. com website

TRE for Africa Foundation website

TRE College UK website (Steve Haines)

TRE Australia website (Richmond Heath)

TRE for (Fiona Soma)

I Love TREmors Closed Group on Facebook

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