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I have heard about TRE® but...

It matters greatly where your information comes from - and it matters who you are. To start TRE® guided by a certified Provider in personal session (group or one on one) is always preferable. I am offering one FREE 30min assessment call for beginners (subject to time available, please use the 'contact me' form) You may also read my 'More about TRE®' page, it will help you to make better decisions. Thank you.

Are you a Doctor or Psychologist?

I am a certified Life Coach and will work with you on the premise of empowerment and , not cure or healing. TRE® 'works' on such a deep neuro-physiological level that literally every other therapy - body based or psychological - can benefit. I am genuinely helping you to help yourself by teaching you TRE® as a skill and tool. Which means that just as in Coaching, you are leading the way, your insight and reflection counts and you are in charge of your TRE® practice.

How can I know if TRE® is for me ?

By doing a session. No, really - the proof of TRE® is in the experience. That said, there are conditions that make it more difficult to access the benefits of tremoring and you will find more info further down in the Q & A and on my 'More about TRE®' page.

I am a certified Provider and interested in advancing my skills

Welcome dear colleague, I specialise in advanced self-regulation via self-interventions, a deeper understanding of safety and the shift from mind based to intuitive facilitation. My cross cultural facilitation experience has greatly enhanced my observation skills, enlarged my vision for sharing TRE® and added a much needed element of fun and laughter to the mix. Whether you feel stuck in a pattern, want to resolve a particular problem or are just curious to learn more, I will be delighted to work with you.

I do TRE® by myself - is that not good enough ? 

It might be, but you never know until you work with an experienced Provider. The mere fact that an observer sees more than you might be aware of during a session can make a huge difference. I offer many of self regulation tools and variations of the exercises as well as self-interventions and all of them can be applied and tested immediately. I would never be who I am now without the guidance of experienced TRE® Providers - and I am the classic example of someone who habitually wants to 'do it myself'. With me you learn how to be more creative and confident with TRE® than you thought possible.

Is TRE® only for traumatised people? 

No, it is for everyone. There are many symptoms people may experience in the aftermath of an emotional or physical threat or injury and the same symptoms can also occur due to stress. Whether it is a latent anxiety, lack of energy, struggling to get good quality sleep or bursts of unwelcome anger that you are struggling with, at the root of all this is a lack of flow between mind and body. TRE® can set a process in motion that ultimately closes the gap and restores harmony.

Is TRE® only for emotional trauma?

No, it is a very potent way of resolving stiffness or unspecified pain from past injuries, a tool to recover from sport injuries and problems to do with fascial or muscular imbalances. Regular TRE® practice increases physical as well as emotional resilience.

I am diagnosed with....

If yo are diagnosed with PTSD or Borderline, OCD or Developmental Trauma and are currently taking medication and/or in Therapy, I recommend that you work with a certified Provider in person. The same applies if you are diagnosed with Epilepsy, MS, have suffered a stroke or take medication for chronic pain. You may write to me to help you in finding a Specialist TRE® Provider who might also work via Skype, no guarantee but I will try.

What is TRE® Process Coaching? 

Having facilitated many people with different cultural background in different parts of the world, I learned that some basic steps within the TRE® Process are the same for everyone. It is true that some take to TRE® like a fish to water and some need time to befriend their tremors, but all are facing the same questions: What makes me feel alive? What does it mean to feel safe? What are my triggers ?  Many people KNOW the answer to these questions but KNOWING alone is not enough - what we need is a new experience. TRE® offers a way of increasing your awareness in the present moment and giving you a chance to choose differently - thus rewiring your responses. My 6 Step Process Coaching course will help you to connect the dots and find the key to open the door for genuine change.

I teach TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise) under license from TRE® for All Inc (David Berceli PhD).  All rights belong to TRE® for All Inc. Visit their website www.traumaprevention.com