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In Person TRE® Session 

In-person TRE® Sessions are available in my rooms @ 8 Montgomery Drive - Winston Park 3610 

I can not use a Booking Calendar or be available at certain regular times but do my best to accommodate you, so please get in contact with me.


Register your interest via this link. (no payment and no set date/time at this stage)

Receive my communication including directions - we agree on a date/time -

Arrive @ in time  :-) 

Enjoy your shake

Receive an invoice/ payment link 

NB: Cancellations or a request to postpone must come in 24h before the allocated time (my SA time) 



  • South Africa  - Individual 1h sessions - ZAR 450 (EFT or YOKO link) 

  • South Africa - Trainee Supervision - ZAR 900 (EFT or YOKO link) 

  • South Africa - Individual Support for Certified Providers - ZAR 1100 (EFT or YOKO link) 

In Person TRE® GROUP   7 March - 28 April 2023

Tuesdays 9am - 10am 

(2 catch up dates for those who missed a session) 

 @ EAGLE VIEW YOGA STUDIO in Winston Park 

One - off admission ZAR 200  

6 sessions prepaid ZAR 900 


Sign up here - choose to pay in advance via YOKO/EFT or cash @ the door 

Receive directions and reminders 

Arrive in time  :-) 

Enjoy your shake


I know that life is busy :-) If you have booked and can not attend please let me know. 

Introduction to TRE® - Module ONE  

Saturday 11 March and Sunday 12 March 9am - 4pm  

4 x TRE® Group Sessions

4 x Teachings 

4 x Feedback and Q & A 


@ 8 Montgomery Drive - Winston Park 3610 

R 2900 and the option to continue training as a TRE® Provider 

A new experience to relax and enjoy !

Please bring a water bottle and a yoga mat (if you have one at home) or blanket along. Wear comfortable clothing as if for Yoga/Pilates classes. Thank you !  


Sign up here 

Receive confirmation, an invoice, directions and reminders 

Pay your fee

Arrive in time  :-) 

Enjoy your workshop ! 

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