I teach TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise) under license from TRE® for All Inc (David Berceli PhD).  All rights belong to TRE® for All Inc. Visit their website www.traumaprevention.com


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About me

My name is Su Thomas - I am a TRE® Provider and Certification Trainer specialised in helping people to achieve sound self-regulation in their TRE® practice. Your process is as unique as you are and I know how to empower you to trust your body and your intuition to move past the issues that are causing you anxiety and stress. 

I take great care to teach you in a spirit of 'can do, adding perspective and insight and equipping you with tools and ideas. If you are intrigued by the empowering and self-directed aspect of TRE®, let me show you how you can accelerate and deepen your process by working with me. 


TRE® online - International Clients

Sessions via Skype or Zoom - Payment via PayPal

My fees are on a sliding scale - depending on your location around the world. I think that's fair because it's about what you earn and what your money buys you where you are. What you will pay is the average fee you would spend for a one on one session in your country - and if you book 4 sessions, advance payment will give you the 5th session for free.

TRE® Session

First Steps TRE®

 If you want to start or have taken up TRE® on your own - this option is for you. The beauty and safety of sharing your experience will increase your confidence, giving you perspective and new ideas. All your big and small questions matter but the actual tremoring experience makes the difference. I love teaching TRE® and I am looking forward to hear from you. 

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Advanced TRE® 

Awareness and Insight

Extended 1.5h session that includes feedback and reflection. TRE® is a great tool to increase awareness of patterns and habits (mental, emotional and physical) and enlarge your capacity for change. You will be amazed how easily you can improve your self-regulation and use self interventions - it's not what I tell you to do - its your own ideas put into practice ! I will empower you with the knowledge and skills you need. 
If you are using TRE® for a while and want to expand your experience, tackle a particular habit or pattern and have a breakthrough, this offer is for you.

Golden Leaves

TRE® Process Coaching

Alive and Free with TRE®

6 Sessions of 1.5h each on a variable time frame. It includes a questionnaire, journal and feedback via email. 

ZAR 9000 for the journey - just convert South African Rand into your currency. 

A real self - development journey - a 'coming back to yourself' experience in aliveness ! 

Coaching and TRE® is ideal for you if 

  • you have experienced grief and loss 

  • you are battling with emotional triggers and habits 

  • you need to renew and recover the relationship between your body and mind 

  • Increase your physical, mental and emotional capacity and resilience 

Bridge into the Woods

Client Testimonials

Happy people who have moved on in their life and are grateful for it


Susanne came highly recommended which gave me the confidence to take the leap and explore TRE having known about this tool for several years. I had reached a place in my life where the voice in my head had reached a place of repetition and was starting to overwhelm any of the positive self talk. So to quieten the mind I let my body take over with the use of TRE Susanne is very knowledgeable and reassuring all through our sessions as I was still trying to workout if TRE was for me or not. What would be my third session, was simply incredible, I finally saw the impact TRE could have by allowing me to access a trauma so deep I hadn’t even realised it was there. Susanne guided me so calmly through the process and once I completed the tremors, I felt a huge sense of release and peace, like I had let go of a trapped emotion which had be holding me back for years. Since then the exploration into my self is on going and TRE is a vital tool in that process.
S.L. (Skype Client)

Durban, KwaZulu Natal South Africa

I offer TRE® Provider training in Durban, South Africa and options for Agency Based TRE® Training within NGO's or in communities.Establishing TRE® Training in other African countries is possible on request.

TRE® Provider Training

Make a difference for others !

This 8 month course to certification takes place in Durban, South Africa and consists of 2 x 3 day Workshops 4 months apart plus group meetings for practice and learning.

Courses start in March and October. For more details on course content and fees, please use the link below or the contact form,

 Thank you

Orange Blossom

Agency Based Training 

For NGO's, Business and Organisations

A 6 month training for groups of 6 or more people enabling them to teach TRE® in the context of their work for an NGO or Organisation. It is designed as a means to reach out into communities and focuses on group sessions. The training structure is adaptable and fees vary, please enquire via the link below. Thank you


TRE® Sessions

One on one TRE® Sessions

Whether you want to learn how to use TRE® or deepen your process, have a special need or want to tackle a particular problem or obstacle, a one on one session is the best choice. Make an appointment, I am looking forward to see you ! If you can't reach me on the phone, please use WhatsApp, thank you !

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Training Testimonials

Hi Su, thank you for your wonderful TRE® training course. You are such an inspiration with an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Thank you for always being there for me with encouragement and feedback. I feel blessed to have embarked on this TRE® journey with you.

Lisa Wimble

I am so grateful that I met you, had the TRE® supervision sessions with you, got yo be around you. You are a light and a big inspiration to me. Thank you so much for the safety and openness, what you said to me is so priceless, it really touched me deeply. And I would love to one day do TRE® work with you, that would be wonderful.

Ruthi Forer


Contact me

I will answer every email - be patient please. Questions need to be related to my services or TRE® in general. Thank you for getting in touch.