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You are reading this because your body enables you to do so. You are breathing in and out without noticing. You understand every word courtesy to the neural networks in your brain. Where is your mind ? In your head ? Where is your subconscious ? A part of your mind ? A place to be found ? Is your heart only pumping blood or is it connected to your emotions? What are emotions ? Where do they originate ? How do you interpret them ? 

The so-called Mind-Body-Connection is not a novel idea, millions have lived without a sense of disconnection between body and mind. The idea that the two are separate is a result of experts of all perspectives not being able to explain the connection in term of current scientific requirements. 

You do not experience yourself as split in two  - body and mind - and if you do, think again. 

What is commonly called emotions are actually physical sensations. Your anger, your sadness, your anxiety and stress, your joy and your gladness and gratefulness express in your body before you give the feeling a name. 

We are used to assess, judge and try to navigate and modify our feelings from the mind perspective of 'Why' in an attempt to learn how to predict, prevent or bring about certain feelings. 

But your body supersedes your mind in intelligence, coherence, networking and teamwork. The mind is not even able to understand how all the parts of your body interact with each other. But you know yourself, all of you. 

You are the only one who knows yourself inside out, your perspective matters, your insight matters, your willpower and energy matters. Nothing out there can take its place, no one else can know better than you. 

The practice of TRE® leads you into an experience of listening to your body. Trusting your body, befriending your body or reconciling with your body. Enjoying your body, opening your body for happiness and pleasure, being grateful for your body and helping your body heal. 

The shaking or tremoring / trembling you experience with TRE® feels strange but natural, relaxing but more alive, emotional but not swept away, calm but not numb. 

TRE® has shown to help balancing the Nervous System, activate the important Vagus Nerve, diminish or resolve locked fascia and brining the structure of your organism into better balance and symmetry. 

TRE® has shown to lessen reactiveness to emotional triggers, help managing peak emotions, resolving numbness and chronic pain, enabling better sleep, more calmness in everyday life. 

TRE® can open the space in which you can decide where before you were compelled to react. 

JUST TRE® ? That's it ? 

You can combine your practice with jut about anything that works for you. But first you learn 'just TRE®' and persist with the practice until you find out what changed. 

I can use Meditation, Heart Coherence Practice, Breathing Techniques, Fascia Release, Rhythm and Dance, Pillows, props and much more with TRE® - it is all in my toolbox but I prefer that you bring your own toolbox, show me your skills and teach me what works for you. 

Then we ask your body what he/she thinks and says - via tremors - and listen. 


Why TRE® ?

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises


The unusual, novel experience of shaking is a pathway to learning and learning promises change. By letting your body use its natural stress response you are potentially rewiring your nervous system and increase your window of tolerance. Tolerance toward sensations and emotions that you are used to suppress and reject.


It is easy compared to many other approaches that focus on top down change. TRE® requires nothing but you and your body feeling safe with each other in the moment.


The practice of TRE® agrees with all other approaches for stress, tension and trauma work you may use and know - except the unhealthy habits that bring only temporary relief.


Shaking - letting your body speak to you via movement - is revolutionary and yet familiar and feels natural. Learning how to navigate and use TRE® is an empowering process driving slow but real and lasting change, mental, emotional and physical.


One on One TRE® Online

For everyone from beginner to Certified Providers who want to explore deepening their practice. 1h or 1.5h sessions available on zoom.


ONLINE TRE® Provider Training

Detailed description and information on the TRE® Certification page (click the link below) 


About me

I am  Su  Thomas, born in Germany a while ago, I live near Durban, South Africa. Forever interested in and inspired by cultural diversity I have a philosophical perspective without ascribing to any one culture or religion exclusively. Life is about learning how to live.

I started TRE® in 2011 and trained with David Berceli, regularly attending Advanced Trainings. Since 2016 I am a Certification Trainer for TRE®. I love TRE® for its unique empowerment potential as a life skill and the aspect of embodiment and safety in the reduction of stress and the healing of trauma. 

I teach you to trust your body and your intuition and give the tremors room to vibrate you into a healthier, calmer place. I teach in a spirit of 'can do, adding perspective and insight and equipping you with tools and ideas.


Want to to know more about TRE® ?

Read the articles below and find more info on  www.treforafrica.com locally or www.traumaprevention.com internationally 


I am so grateful that I met you, had the TRE® supervision sessions with you, got yo be around you. You are a light and a big inspiration to me. Thank you so much for the safety and openness, what you said to me is so priceless, it really touched me deeply. And I would love to one day do TRE® work with you, that would be wonderful.

Ruthi Forer from Israel

I recommend Su for her patience and insight. She really convinced me that change is not scary but exciting and that I know all I need to know. As my body became more relaxed and flexible, my mind followed the trend. I never thought it possible but here I am. The way Su helped me focus on the body and trust the tremors made all the difference.

Carina M from South Africa

  Susanne came highly recommended which gave me the confidence to take the leap and explore TRE having known about this tool for several years. I had reached a place in my life where the voice in my head had reached a place of repetition. Susanne is very knowledgeable and reassuring all through our sessions as I was still trying to workout if TRE® was for me. What would be my third session, was simply incredible, I finally saw the impact the tremors could have by allowing me to access a trauma so deep I hadn’t even realised it was there. Susanne guided me so calmly through the process and I felt a huge sense of release and peace. Since then the exploration into my self is ongoing and TRE® is a vital tool in that process.

S. L from London, UK

I was one of these people who said they need to understand everything before they can trust it, until Su asked me if I understand how my body works. I seriously didn't trust my body and yet, it was sustaining my life all along. Even in the most dire situations it did the right thing to save my life, I have learned much in a short time, including shaking off life threatening experiences of the past. Never did I think something so 'simple' coud have such an impact nut now I am sold out to TRE®. 
In my first session I was catapulted back into an accident I had years ago and although it was not pleasant, I could literally feel the burden lifting as my body revisited the exact position n the floor that I found myself in after falling from a ledge on a construction site. Awesome !

William K.


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