" External conflict comes to an end with the dawn of internal peace." 

Dr David Berceli 

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Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) 



TRE® is a revolution in stress release, trauma recovery and PTSD prevention that helps you move from recovery to resilience.

TRE® involves a shift in understanding that involuntary body movement or tremors are not a ‘symptom’ of stress, but a recovery reflex that enables energy to flow again, a natural pulsation that restores body and mind to a calm and balanced state.

TRE® is a simple but profound process that is not only used to ‘release’ stress & trauma but also to prevent exhaustion and burnout by building emotional capacity and physiological resilience through ongoing and regular use.

TRE® is a self-empowering resource  -  a LIFE SKILL that you can learn and continue to use for yourself. 


How can TRE® help you ? 

  • deeper relaxation

  • improved sleep

  • reduced pain

  • greater resilience

  • reduced occupational stress​

  • improved core stability 

  • more energy & vitality

  • stronger mindfulness

  • faster recovery

  • empowered relationships 

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TRE® is for anyone who finds that they get charged up in response to the stresses of daily life by getting irritated, frustrated, anxious or worried and would benefit from unwinding these emotional responses to recover the space of choosing how to respond. Children benefit as well as seniors, the practice is adaptable to virtually all levels of fitness and flexibility. 

When we come to know that the tension we feel in our body is a sign that our energy is blocked and experience the deep relaxation these vibrational tremors bring, 

we open the door to re-experience the fullness of life  - FEELING ALIVE AND FREE.


Through the release of our defensive habits we can return to a state of peace, calm, curiosity and joy that many of us have not experienced since we were young children.

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Wednesday 31st of August  5pm – 6 pm 

South Africa GMT+2  = 17:00 - 18:00 

UK (GMT+1) = 16:00 - 17:00

ISRAEL (GMT+3) = 18:00 - 19:00  


This is a free talk and open to anyone.


Su Thomas discovered TRE® while searching for ways out of grief, which she describes in her book as a beast that attacks from behind. Drawing from her early journaling, she shows how renewing the connection between physical sensations – emotions and awareness leads to a change in the way we interact with ‘the outer world’ and other people. Loss in relation to the outside world and loss of internal connectedness and integration is one and the same experience – ‘falling apart’ is real.
Su normalizes and puts into context the experiences of fight/flight, dissociation and freeze and shows how the physical integrative power of involuntary movement allow reorganization and a new sense of aliveness – change from the bottom up.


Client Feedback 

You are a light and a big inspiration to me. Thank you so much for the safety and openness, what you said to me is so priceless, it really touched me deeply. 

Ruthi Forer from Israel

I recommend Su for her patience and insight. As my body became more relaxed and flexible, my mind followed the trend. I never thought it possible but here I am. The way Su helped me focus on the body and trust the tremors made all the difference.

Carina M from Cape Town, South Africa

 I had reached a place in my life where the voice in my head had reached a place of repetition. Susanne is very knowledgeable and reassuring all through our sessions as I was still trying to workout if TRE® was for me. What would be my third session, was simply incredible, I finally saw the impact the tremors could have by allowing me to access a trauma so deep I hadn’t even realised it was there. Susanne guided me so calmly through the process and I felt a huge sense of release and peace.

Siena. L from London, UK

I was one of these people who said they need to understand everything before they can trust it, until Su asked me if I understand how my body works. I have learned much in a short time, including shaking off life threatening experiences of the past. Never did I think something so 'simple' coud have such an impact nut now I am sold out to TRE®. 

William K. frrom Amsterdam, NL