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TRE® Personal Session 

Experience TRE® one on one

Whether you are new to TRE®, have some experience or tremor for a while, I will guide you to get the best results. 

Self-regulation, best practice, self-interventions, use of props, variations of the exercises, developing confidence, understanding the connection between sensations and emotions, embodiment practices to add to TRE® - or simply learn how to shake ! 

You need wifi, a laptop/phone/ tablet with mic and video and be in a convenient room undisturbed for 60 minutes

Give yourself the gift of deep relaxation, have a new and exciting experience with TRE®and have your questions answered.

Fees (1 hour) : 70 USD / 60 EURO / ZAR 600 


ONLINE - Regular TRE® Group 

Every Thursday 5pm (SAST or UTC+2)

Weekly group shake for everyone who has TRE® experience. We go through the exercises together for learning purposes. Everyone determine the duration of their own shake, max 20 minutes. We rest and use the remaining time to chat. An inspiring and relaxing experience ! 

Fees: Donation based until 31 December 2020 - donate via PayPal or EFT.   


ONLINE TRE® Provider Training

Module 1 OPEN FOR EVERYONE to learn TRE® for personal use

Coming up 

M1 December 2nd to 4th  

M2 2021 February 17th to 19th 

M3 2021 May 5th to 7th 

Detailed description and information on the TRE® Certification page (click the link below) 


Want to to know more about TRE® ?

Read the articles below and find more info on  www.treforafrica.com locally or www.traumaprevention.com internationally 


About me

My name is Su Thomas - I am a TRE® Provider and Certification Trainer in Durban, South Africa. I speak English and German. My vision is to take TRE® to communities and into other African countries and train as many people as possible globally. I started TRE® in 2011 and trained with David Berceli, regularly attending Advanced Trainings since then. 

I love TRE® for its unique empowerment potential as a life skill and the aspect of embodiment and safety in the reduction of stress and the healing of trauma. 

 I know how to teach you to trust your body and your intuition and move past the issues that are causing you anxiety and stress. 

I take great care to teach you in a spirit of 'can do, adding perspective and insight and equipping you with tools and ideas.

If you are intrigued let me show you how you can accelerate and deepen your personal development by working with me. 


What my Clients say

I am so grateful that I met you, had the TRE® supervision sessions with you, got yo be around you. You are a light and a big inspiration to me. Thank you so much for the safety and openness, what you said to me is so priceless, it really touched me deeply. And I would love to one day do TRE® work with you, that would be wonderful.

Ruthi Forer from Israel

I recommend Su for her patience and insight. She really convinced me that change is not scary but exciting and that I know all I need to know. As my body became more relaxed and flexible, my mind followed the trend. I never thought it possible but here I am. The way Su helped me focus on the body and trust the tremors made all the difference.

Carina M from South Africa

  Susanne came highly recommended which gave me the confidence to take the leap and explore TRE having known about this tool for several years. I had reached a place in my life where the voice in my head had reached a place of repetition. Susanne is very knowledgeable and reassuring all through our sessions as I was still trying to workout if TRE® was for me. What would be my third session, was simply incredible, I finally saw the impact the tremors could have by allowing me to access a trauma so deep I hadn’t even realised it was there. Susanne guided me so calmly through the process and I felt a huge sense of release and peace. Since then the exploration into my self is ongoing and TRE® is a vital tool in that process.

S. L from London, UK

I was one of these people who said they need to understand everything before they can trust it, until Su asked me if I understand how my body works. I seriously didn't trust my body and yet, it was sustaining my life all along. Even in the most dire situations it did the right thing to save my life, I have learned much in a short time, including shaking off life threatening experiences of the past. Never did I think something so 'simple' coud have such an impact nut now I am sold out to TRE®. 
In my first session I was catapulted back into an accident I had years ago and although it was not pleasant, I could literally feel the burden lifting as my body revisited the exact position n the floor that I found myself in after falling from a ledge on a construction site. Awesome !

William K.


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I teach TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise) under license from TRE® for All Inc (David Berceli PhD).  All rights belong to TRE® for All Inc. Visit their website www.traumaprevention.com